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Loomings: My Life and Dreams

I come here for pharmakon, the healing act of writing: I need it as I’m rediscovering myself as an adult, seeing my light and dark in their full brilliance. And, really, I just want to trust myself, that I will follow my inner voice. Fear can make people do funny things. It’s made me forget…

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And I’m Here

I’m looking to simplify life; for, at thirty-one, I find life complex beyond need.  In my quest to simplify life, what I am really after are my goals.  I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older my priorities have changed. While writing has always been a thread of my life, from childhood to present, I didn’t…

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To Dead Ambitions

Reflecting by the fire on lost time, Mourning the me I had to let die For in real life, it’s Batman or Master Wayne; Like Wiz said: you gotta know your lane And so, freed from inartistic wishes, I dedicate this obit to dead ambitions

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 Casting Spells

Thinking about the future; using goals as gamification (reward): asking myself exactly what it is I want out of life.  My artistic goals are set in stone; however, I am a renaissance man: thus the breadth of my interests and desires begs more than artistic success.  And regardless of my writing goals, it would be senseless…

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Welcome to The Woods

Four weeks and two days ago, I left the city that never loved me; for I had to leave: I had to fall deeper, further into love – and closer to a pattern of life befitting a serious writer.  Sarah, life partner and best friend she is, naturally loved the idea of living in the woods…

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If I had to choose between writing and sex, I’d choose pen over penis eight days a week. Why I’ve gone with such a seemingly daft metaphor, I know all too clearly; for my writing is growing into as compulsory an act as masturbating was for me at fifteen, only I’ve no Portnoy’s Complaint  –…

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Knowing now what I do, I face extrordinary dilemmas.  The knowing I refer to, being the fact that all is possible within the governing laws of order and chaos. For even kings are subject to the laws of  nature.  The dilemma being the fact that time and tide wait for no man. But ’tis better…

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If Not Now, When?

So many drafts; just like my life: my business a draft, my books drafts – my success a draft – my dreams a draft. But alas, life is no rehearsal; I play starting squad on a team of one every single day. And here as I sit, shoulders haunched, stomach slightly pudge and paunch, this…

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Planes or Pills

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. – Joseph Campbell I am thirty and I don’t believe in anything anymore. Only G-d and books. Love feels…

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A Writer at Work

Edit: What began as a freeform entry, like any other I write, turned into a realization of a shortcoming in my writing ability, this illumination, no doubt, due to the fact that I have applied myself to read countless books this year, sometimes reading more than a book a day (As I did today, reading…

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Bubba Grew Up, Amen.

I’ve been working on another entry lately, spending the past few nights near the water, before bed, turning over big deep metaphors, trying to communicate the wisdom of hindsight, having made it out of the deep Dark Night of The Soul. But really, I’ve just gotta say: Amen. I breathe now to center myself. Big,…

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Last Night Lasts

I haven’t written anything in prose in awhile, but after a particularly fun evening spent in conversation with friends – old and new – I began to think about how it’s the singular experiences in life, and not the days, weeks, or even the years that change us. It’s the people who change us. Because…

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