Grattitude = Power.

My injuries are nearly all healed (minus a couple scars – 3 titanium screws, and one barely working thumb) and I am loving life again. Grattitude = Power. It’s going to be a big finish to the year.

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Some Guidelines.

1. Work. ‘You want the jets, the bling – work.’ – Gary V. Wine Library TV 2. Forget about the future. ‘If I’m focusing on then, my mind isn’t on now – and once we get there – then is now. So F$% now till we get there.’ – L. Wayne 3. Build relationships. It…

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My Creed

Be. Do. Have. Be confident and unselfconscious. Be sincere and kind. Be modest. Be compassionate. Be effortless and relaxed. Be consistent in public and private. Be mature. Be passionate. Be brave. Be all the things that are so much rarer. Earn it by living well. Feed your mind, body, and spirit. Keep your commitments. Look…

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The Power of Gradual

I have about 100 hours of work to do this week. Isn’t it funny how we stumble across the messages we need to hear. This is about patience and the power of gradual progress. The following is from: If you read Zen Habits with any regularity—and shame on you if you don’t—one thing should…

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