Leelah Alcorn
You mean something, still, always
I think of you most on tough days
Anhedonia and dysphoria and the loneliness… the isolation…
Days when personal heroics seem unimpressive, self-acceptance inadequate

I wish you had been loved!
I too want that love;
Self-love is not enough:
Humans need human love (an artful amnesiac once told me that),
And the world still needs fixing
What a mess we’re in,
Don’t we know it Leelah

ps. you are missed by people who didn’t even know you – but we do… and we love you, beautiful girl.

Adam and Noelle

smoking bowls in the back of adam’s jeep
i wanted his hair, his confidence;
i wanted noelle, who was in the front seat:
that fair, short bleached-blond hair, lip glossed, pop-punk princess,
my 2001 teen dream,
yeah, that crush was a one way street…
but i can still smell her body spray, cotton candy, i want it
and i can still see the aqua diamond stud piercing, high on her ear, ima get it –
her plastic raver bracelets, black eyeliner
she was swag as fuck,
and so was adam, with his JL subs
we three bouncing souls singing to true believer and no comply, passing the bubbler, carefree and high…
they were my friends,
till we lost touch… maybe jealousy, or immaturity, or summer was over… I dunno, people come and go, that’s not the point: it was just dope as fuck,
when adam and noelle would drive to the coast, to come pick me up,
to stay out late and get lit AF…
with this kid who didn’t even think he was cool enough

Oh Einstein

Oh Einstein
I miss you buddy boy;
We had some real adventures in our day,
Out there in our woods
All those walks,
The hugs I would give you, the talks
Taking you to my house for treats,
Giving you yogurt for your gut
All the rabbits and coyotes we spotted, chased off
All the times we got lost on ungodly long hikes,
Nothing but trees in sight,
The sun going down
Then coming in and sitting on the couch with you laying at my feet

Goddamn I loved this fucking dog:
Hope I see him again

He’s a legend, a part of me and my love for animals forever, Einstein, dearest buddy to Wolf Waldo, best friend;
Like a Fifi or a Soso… only I don’t think of them all too often because I don’t think I’ll see them again… pain… shame…

Yeah, there’s a real sad boy here, to whom I am the momma of – and he loves dogs, like,
Was practically raised by wolves,
Well, Jake – but still,
I love animals like the highly sensitive child I am
But I haven’t seen my animal friends in a long time

Wish I was going to go surprise Einstein today;
What more can I say
We went for miles and miles and miles


Poetry shit
Life rich
Hippocrite bitch
Sad vibe
Calm blood
Yuppie Hippie…
Devil may,
I don’t –
Am free:
Time saved,
Single years
Here now
Genius really
Poor me
Oh wait
Getting over
Growing older
New feels
No fear
Hunger burn
Watch me
Unconscious, 3D
Soft chest
Treasured best
Self love
Big struggle
Long coming
Many months,
No hugs
Cold heart
Zero fucks
Given me
I’m me.

That Moment

That moment when you realize you will always have to have sex with you,
likke, you’ll have partners, but still, you’re going to be the one interacting via your body –
If you wanna have girlgasms, go for it
Fuck the patriarchy
She can eat the cookie,
I crack myself up,
Can I date me and love me, as much as I have loved others unconditionally
It’s funny, bc I’m becoming something better than a girl to me,
I’m becoming my idea of a girl,
My anima
My soul
My self
Really out there in the world

I’m gonna be like such an alien,
I’m gonna be eating big ass salads in the mirror, just out here really trying to take good care of a girl


Twin Twin

It’s a paranoid android day
And I hate everything I write [here]
Because unlike my fiction, my feelings are true
So these bottles float away, with messages of pain
No more swallowing hopes,
Though, I’ve lost it without

Exes, this loners’ are unfriendly
And I’m obsessed
Loving the boy inside
Letting the anima out
There’s more to life than what I write

And things are happening;
Though, she’ll never forgive me
They’re a monolith now
All “She” “Her”, different sides of one soul

So it’s time for Sophia
The highest,
The deepest within

I am become my own
No more contests with fate

I’m’a be okay.