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Musing on Life Through Jack London’s ‘The Star Rover’: “The one man” and “The one woman”

I’m a fan of Jack London. He is, like Steinbeck, one of those California writers who hold a special place in my heart. I see myself like them, and their philosophies speak to me. And while Jack London is best known for adventure stories like Call of The Wild, The White Fang, and Sea Wolf,…

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My Teddy, Myself

I don’t have many childhood memories but I remember the book, and the bear. The book was small, with rounded cardboard pages. I must have read it a million times, though the ending made me so sad. And today I can think of nothing else. I tried searching on google for it, as I have…

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Introduction to LEVELS

Life is a game called Levels. The game has to be fun The game has to be exciting You have to be (stay) excited to play the game everyday You have to know the levels and you have to have a strategy (To maximize probability of desired outcomes) for each level. The game is a…

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The Late Light

I never thought I’d have regrets, Then I woke up alone, The ice melting on the roof My great thaw, dripping consciousness, Jaw dropping rawness… Encino man: I was a brute – They weren’t accusations, it was true… So my heartbreak came, When the late light shone through.

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Time Machine

We begin at twelve, in the the library, Where I ask me to remember me So that later, we can pick up my fifth grade dreams of solo sailing the sea … Then, at twenty-two, on the beach I’d tell me not to forget my inner security Which I am fated to externalize and lose…

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Do You Believe in Yourself

I feel there is a pervasive unconscious intelligence guiding everything Making painful due sacrifices, As in loves lost, and the pain that programs us I have been given space, I am alone as to why Bruce Lee said it, Actions, not words Time tells And the all in all serves something… Why we are here…

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… And Things Do Happen

…I never saw myself the way other people saw me… No matter how little I had, I always felt I was worthy… Until they didn’t – and left, And I felt worthless, alone A cycle of getting recycled, Repeated, 3-Peated … Did it to myself, Wanted to be loved for my worst qualities… … and…

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A Wild Dream

I had a wild dream, I was on a bus, careening out of control, down a hill I was, unknown to them, there to help, An IDF special forces soldier sat beside me And finally, we arrived in a valley Children ran out, gnome-like, after us, as we filled into the grassy lowlands – They…

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Our Self

We all just have this one, short, sweet time to be alive, To live this seemingly neverending journey – our story; To love, to forgive, to empower others, to surrender to Our Self, and to decide, what is rather than what may be.

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Go With The Flow: Trust It

Growing up, my dad often told me to, “Go with the flow.” As with other things he said to me growing up, this only came to have meaning to me after he was gone (…the people we love have a way of gilding us like that, even after they are gone from our lives…). My…

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Jules, Grendel, and Bubba

In every adult there lurks a child — an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention and education, that is part of the human personality which wants to develop and become whole. ~ Carl G. Jung The dragons were handed down: Demons men before me didn’t…

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Okay, Okay

family loves me, friends love me, everything is okay have a house, bills are paid, everything is okay work and food on plate, everything is okay have a mission, a vision, a purpose, everything is okay am young l.cohen, young p.roth, young j.steinbeck – have exes, books in progress, everything is okay, got poetry, renter’s…

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It’s a night for a poem, For my soul aches for petty pretty things, And I can’t find a song to soothe, Not even ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’, So I’ll be the soothesayer, To comfort my star wars bones On this planet alone Searching for my kind, And they’re all so detached;…

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Dear Boy

Dear boy, No one is ever coming home. This is it, the end and the beginning, alone. This is it boy, No one is ever coming home. Understand and know: No one is ever coming home, This is your life: Home, alone, At one.

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A Dream, A Map

It was Freud, Jung’s mentor, who called dreams ‘The royal road to the unconscious.” Jung himself believed that dreams were how we came to discover the unconscious myths guiding our lives. I recently had such a dream, so clear, so well constructed, that it was a revelation. Perhaps it came because, having quit Cannabis, my…

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outcomes and incomes, and what the judge says who knows i just have these damn wants these sufferings these attachments: the things i count on, they whittle at me in uncommon hours even after i gave up escapes; tired of being a dopamine fiend, i traded fear for calm and trust, (but i still need…

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No-Nut Level: God Mode Activated

This has been a fruitful season of my life. Full of growth: I’ve learned to be truly alone and emotionally independent. I’ve overcome fear, worry, self-doubt I’ve come to agree full-stop with John Mayer, that “Drinking is a fucking con.” I’ve finally quit my on-again, off-again relationship with organic American Spirits (‘But they’re organic!’). I’ve…

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