The Calling to The Establishment For The Foundation of a Black Nation State

Composed 1/5/2020 @ 12:50am, PST from Sequoia National Monument by the @hatlow22 system: Sequoia, Brennan, AP, et alia.

Preface: This may strike one as an inadequate form and format in which to make such a formal statement – to use a blog or an Instagram post to call for the foundation of Nation State; however, time waits for no one – and in all our hearts we firmly believe that POC [People of Color] – and, specifically BLACK people and Those of African, Caribbean, and other genetic Lineages where human beings were stolen and trafficked – trapped in slavery – a horrific tragedy [One still happening in the form of ‘Human Trafficking’ – a term that in comparison to ‘slavery’ seems rather palatable – it isn’t: a lot of rape and torture.], which far predates the 400 years of modern history during which Black individuals, families, entire communities of People Of Color, were stolen from their Native lands and trapped in the hellish realities of slavery for their entire lives on the North American Continent – uncounted millions lived in real life hells from birth unto death.

It is estimated that 12 Million People died through the slave “trade”.

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