My exes

Felt like whores on the inside, and so – hated me on the outside; this despite the fact that I never forced them, coerced them, raped them, or all the other things others do to those they love: not everyone. Just, ethics exist, but nature has long been turned against us, by ‘greater’ intelligences, for a long time. Bible programmed you to feel you were worthless – a born sinner – however: if you latched onto an anti-human moral code, the worship of a White Supreme Being, as ‘G-d’, and or Jesus, as therein [inside The ‘Holy’ Bible, you could be SAVED, enter the eye of Heaven. Stoned freewriting. Mental health been rough. Need to self care, drink water… please do as well. We will be okay. Just, please ask yourselves what I deserve – and who deserves to be that one or two or dozen in 7BN people, to do that? Me alone forever. Seems so.

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