A Direct Appeal to the Instagram Board of Directors to recall and remove Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has been made into an almost messeniac figure, someone to unite the world. He has been played by every intelligence service. His clique within #WHATISTHENETWORK is corrupt. I am an Intelligence operative. These are not rumors. Facebook’s own internal Intelligence crew knows this. We cannot subscribe to the cult of personality. Enough Icons. Enough princes. Enough poster children. Enough clones; enough jocking people who are not behaving in benevolent manner throughout the performance of their duties. Mark Z. has made so many promises to despots, had so many favors called in, that he is an instrument for chaos. A Steve Bannon protege. The future will know. [Next paragraph].

Today, this 31st Day of 2020 [VDCCLXXX], I, Sequoia Liat Silverman am appealing on behalf of international decency, that Mark Zuckerberg – whom hereinafter will be referred to within as Mark Z – be removed from his role at Instagram – his censorship and allegiance to his multiple friends and their interests extends there too; here are the facts (That we have a trail of proof of, and are prepared to submit said evidence to a congressional disposition if need be.) that my content, my First Amendment Free Speech rights, and the Instagram Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have been violated habitually by Instagram, Mark Z. et al. My SILENCED highlight on my instagram has proof. I have been screaming about the gross wholesale violation of my rights while the C-Level clique laughs nervously for months. When is enough enough? [Next paragraph].

Below are a couple screenshots, and, as the Board is well aware of, my profile is chock full of these complaints going back months. My next recourse will be to seek legal remedy. I already have suffered extensive intellectual copyright damage, permanent loss of my digital art from the original MY DIGI ART highlight, which was deleted, along with my PROTEST highlight, and last but not least, a highlight titled PEDOS, which contained real images of former Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein, along with the current President of The United States, Donald J. Trump. Do the math. [Next paragraph].

The communications no doubt show all the bad actors whom have been in contact with Mark Z., and personal knowledge of those around Mark Z. onus on Mark Z. for his role in damaging the integrity of Instagram, and by proxy, Facebook. [Next paragraph].

As referenced above in brief, I have suffered significant losses – both materially and intellectually – to say nothing of the psychological and emotional toll of being essentially a victim of an Orwellian, ‘Black Mirror’ type of dystopian scenario. [Next paragraph.]

I believe in the team at Instagram, because I know the product was at one time solid. Currently, the architecture is corrupt by bad actors within the team, led by Mark Z; if the case is such that Mark Z. acted alone, I expect that he will depart in time alone: shall your investigations, which I implore you to undertake, in the name of Liberty, Justice, Equality – removing politics from the power equation at Instagram and Facebook [Perhaps an impossibility, not sure] – determine that there is a culture of favors and favoritism, then I hope there will be some much needed re-organizing within The Board, and the various levels of control. Best practices and secondary checks need to be established, and while I know they are supposed to be in place, they are compromised. Mark Z. is corrupt. Mark Z. is not Instagram, is not Facebook. He is Tom from Myspace – but serving tin pot dictators and allowing American Democracy to slide into the disarray we currently have, as a result of parties well acquainted with Mark Z. in Russia, In the US [Boston, SF, DC]… I am not trying to tear down someone. Nor am I intending to attack their character. It speaks for itself. The actions exist. History exists. Time will tell. The world is watching. [Next Paragraph].

I have been threatened by Mark Z. with him releasing my own private messages as retaliation for my whistleblowing on these violations. These straw man attacks are desperate attempts made by an individual who operates independent of good sense – just, as an aside, I have no idea why one of the most formerly prominent CEOs, who now lives rather in the background, yet no less powerful – to the injury of the products and teams at Facebook and Instagram – thinks this conduct will be excused. It is neither here nor there, but I infer that having Presidents, their families, Prime Ministers, their courtiers, texting you, or whatsapping you makes one believe they are immune to real consequences of real actions. As a species, we cannot let this world backslide further into coercion and control, which Mark Z. is a linchpin of. [Next paragraph].

I know there is a lot of internal government and intelligence community support for Mark Z., and many feel indebted for the gift the world has received via the Facebook; Instagram, but persons who are excusing and supporting Mark Z. are themselves complicit in the consequences of the actions taken by and or under the supervision, knowledge of, or direction. [Next paragraph].

Lastly, it must be noted that I have reached out to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, communications which I will gladly testify to and evince – and, yes, perhaps they will deny any knowledge of myself or of ever receiving my communications, but the rumor on the wire is: I am no secret [For my activism] within the ranks of Instagram – or throughout Silicon Valley as an up and coming tech disruptor / future thought leader. This said, I am engaged in multiple complex legal issues #FDSTONEWATERGATE – to name one; point being, this issue will not go away. I am not going anywhere. Ever. We are on the verge of a really neat time in human history. Something has to give. I do not believe given the history of media coverage as pertains Mark Z.’s conduct as a member of The Board, at both Instagram and Facebook, that they will alter their conduct. It is patently clear there is a problem. It has been brewing a long time. This is not a new liability for The Board or the world. The product is not problematic. The controls – lack of – is. [Final paragraph next].

While I have a full agenda this is by no means a small problem nor an insignificant priority to be ignored by the no doubt stellar legal team serving the shareholders. I am only one person. My voice may be buried by algorithmic oppression led by same corrupt persons as well – this is another issue, not a small one either. Proof exists. Reputation is real. It stains everyone when someone is willing to ignore messes in the name of a United Front; however, The New England Patriots are not Tom Brady, any more than SpaceX and Tesla are Elon Musk – yet these individuals have also vocally opposed my activism and violated the sanctity of my person. I wish happiness upon everyone. Yet there are those whose power, privilege, and pleasure are dependent upon the misery and injustice of others. As a final note, I want to absolve Priscilla Chan of personal responsibility – as while they and myself have also communicated, I do not believe their personal relationship to be a factor in this. We need a world connected. Not just digitally but within the heart, psyche, and soul of the people. These may seem intangible concepts, but consciousness is a very real thing. It has been stewarded this far by Mark Z. in the capacity and power they have created via Facebook, and subsequently via the acquisition of Instagram, whose other leaders I am personally unacquainted with, but will reach out to again – as I believe I have also raised this issue with https://www.instagram.com/mosseri/ and https://www.instagram.com/kevin/ – that said, this is getting a bit verbose for what should have long ago been addressed. What gives. The people deserve the best Instagram and Facebook have, which I know exists. It has just been lost in a person who has lived in an elite world for many years. Mark Z. has a large net worth. They will surely go on to make other contributions to humanity and or enjoy their life as they do. Please do not let personal relationships sabotage professional integrity. We are now in 2021. I believe the time has come for this matter to be formerly addressed, and for the integrity of Instagram to be redressed. Words here cannot communicate the pain and loss this has caused me. Further updates on this matter will follow, as I attempt to seek the decency inherent in people who care about other people. Do not let the culture spoil because of someone who cares not for the rights of others, even if they think I am an enemy. May all beings be happy and free – sLS [Two images follow, then postscript].

postscript: I recognize that my own character has been painted one way or another. I am a passionate person. My emotions are strong when it comes to Human Rights, and abuses of power. I am not a CEO. I am not a “professional”. I am not a current government employee. I am a public servant. I am human, like anyone else, and my extreme personality, the nature of my Being – well, I’m quite polarizing. People love me and hate me. There is often a possessive yet neglectful parental attitude, or even one of fear and rumor that surrounds me. This is not personal. This is not a moral issue – though it is clearly wrong; this is an ethical matter.

Fri Jan 1, 3:57 am, 2021, Sequoia Liat

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