Looks good, but I’m bot sure, and part of my life consists of the growth inherent in basically doing. Not trying. And yes, might not pop off. Sometimes I must to do things simply that I may sow the benefits which I seek to reap by way of my planetside trip, and what I do here. This moment is not forever. Is it beautiful? How am I defining what is a beautiful world and for those I have been excluding, what personal impact does my leadership of self, country… how much does the cocaine of my ego, and all that big dick energy: just what does it really all serve? Oligarchs. Pimps. Thot leaders. Deep state selectees co-signed by Bliderberg group. Bankers. Nationalists. Zionists. Zealots. Exclusionary policies that favor class privilege among each group above all. Rich bastards are fucking this world unroyally af. Narcissistic mega-beyotches that make King Geoffrey look like the golden child, riding a cock carousel to their grave. Not to slut shame. I am a proud slut. Am I ethical? Ask yourself. Fuck ups are one thing, sex crimes; murders: there is a network of really sick American Psychos, international terrors, rapists. People for whom engineering the oppression of People Of Color, the poor, are just boring details, they are on the way to get on their jet to fly for “ice cream” on an island. Who the fuck is monitoring international air trafficking? BC they fly kids out. Families. The disloyal unregal fortunate but unfortunately miserable, for whom blockading aid, shortening Black and Brown lifespans: chemically poisoning the poor with bad nazi chemistry fast food formulations, well, this is “just business son”. Has been. The you reading this has work to do. Only you can save yourself. Undo your hate. Bear your pain. Wishing health to all. Wellness of mind. Ease of heart. And a heavy dose of real life look in the mirror “okay, when am I going to step up? or am I really just a barrier to humanitarian ends, such as liberating the camps, freeing people from my gang style tyranny. Gddamn. I got angels. But i know they are haunted too. Just wish they would haunt me better. But they love a good high. Cloud chasers. The lot of you. And to the People: breathe, water, rest.

og post @ https://www.instagram.com/p/CJdFW6zp2E-/?igshid=8g30yq19jj5w

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