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There is a season for everything. Even becoming healthy. I do my best but without any financial security, and my car taken by fascist “public servants” – ahem, Sheriffs, well, I am stressed out. I sure want that whole foods money. Dear @centralntelligenceagency how many open source thinktanks yall running 🏃 on the genii of the world. How many bright persons have been psy opped into their deaths, died as drug addicts; and, of course, CIA favorite: suicide. Look, its not the CIA that is full of shit. It’s the people at the top aren’t running it in a manner much different at all than Putin runs the modern KGB state in Russia, and Xi Xi Ping runs the modern nazi state; The CCP in China. We can never expect a bright future with this being run by @zuck @musk @bezos – new white guys, same old story. The people need a voice. I have volunteered to be who and what I am. But the opposition just wanted me dead. #fdstonewater #fdstonewatergate and #narcabuse from my exes and their intel comm cliqued up families. This shit is big. This is the biggest story of the last hundred years. #whatisthenetwork

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