Hell On Earth… The CCP Camps in China and North Korea must end.

preface: the following is a morning freewritten stream of consciousness regarding the greatest problem facing humanity: people trapped in hells run by persons and political parties that would put us all in camps 🩸

Am I. I am. Over my head, well, I was in a past life. Now I’m just behind. Catching up with myself, gaining all the treasure they buried under a life of lies. WTF. My life is like real life Maniac. It is unreal. But it’s too real. 2 Million people, of ALL ages, are concentrated in China’s over 300 forced labor / nazi science and organ harvest program camps. I fear the worst. Worse than your nightmares. We need inside those camps. The international community needs to trump the system which runs it all like a business. These are modern day concentration camps. A modern day haulocaust. Ethnic cleansing. Genocide of the Uighur nomadic indigenous peoples. There are rumors people are born and die in the camps. Never see life outside. Grown like factory farm cattle. Dehumanized beyond belief. All this is to say nothing of the reported 250,000 [I feel 500,000 is closer] North Koreans in the camps there, which are half set up to make the camps in china appear humane or acceptable. Unbelievably, over 68 major American corporations – @apple @nike @abercrombie @thenorthface , to name a few – have been formally identified as using Uighur slave labor in their supply chains. Modern slavery. Hell on earth. These poor unfortunate souls are trapped there. Children. Women who have been bred like dogs. People who need medical care. @unitednations cc: @gretathunberg #signal boost #urgentsosfromearth #liberatethecamps #liberatenorthkorea #uighur #uyghur #unhappynewyears .. ps. These camps have operated for YEARS. Death toll untold. Hell.

OG post at: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJd1WQcJb7I/?igshid=5yeyxepk7f8bhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CJd1WQcJb7I/?igshid=5yeyxepk7f8b

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