Fascist Censorship at Instagram

video of me explaining how Instagram has allowed fascist censorship to pervade its leadership and basically shoot its longterm credibility to hell by way of silencing myself/censoring my free speech. Please see my silenced highlight. Access to a full backup of my IG will come in the next post; however, it is the only backup i have, and while I basically should run and download a full backup daily bc the product IS compromised by bad actors within the tech marketplace, of which there are many. May my first ammendment rights be oneday protected, as well as everyone elses the bad actors / poor leadership at IG is silencing… gotta love a top secret security clearance, the United States gov and truly, the bad actors within it, a broken system, hand those out for all their favors. Our Central Intelligence Agency is cucked by clout chasers, and really just a culture of narcissism. Time will show and time will correct. For now, sharing everything from IG here bc the WordPress.com platform is bulletproof. Thank you Automatic, WP Team, those at Google parent co alphabet who maintain the security and integrity of my email server also have my sincere thanks. keep it real.

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