I am a whistleblower and a US Mil Veteran, you may deduce more abt who / what I am and what #FDSTONEWATERGATE is on my official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hatlow22/

my landlord is not nobody, and neither is Sequoia Liat Silverman

FDSTONEWATER.COM – “boutique”, no, more like Trump associated persons with security clearances, hundreds of millions of dollars in liquidity, and a very dark hidden agenda driven by #FDSTONEWATER founder David Stade that led to attracting me to this property, and what subsequently transpired here, as regards Dave’s former position over me as Landlord, Boss, and seemingly as quasi State Dept appointed agent guardian of sorts of #SequoiaLiatSilverman … all by way of ‘coincidences’ and happy accidents: only, FD STONEWATER and Principals had co-ordinated circumstances for me to have multiple very unhappy-accidents – and when the plausibly deniable yet deadly traps didn’t achieve their desired effect, David ‘Dave’ Stade issues a Death Threat on my life that went something like this [verbatim, as overheard by myself and others in the Intelligence Community]:

Unknown FDSTONEWATER partner on secure conf call:

“We have to do it.”

David Stade:

“Do what, Kill him?”

Unknown FD STONEWATER partner:

“Yeah, we have to kill him.”

And, as you can see, by the typed letter supplied me by David State, FDSTONEWATER is also working to evict me in the middle of the Pandemic.

FDSTONEWATER and Principals are known associates / colleagues of Elon Musk, and Donald J. Trump – as ‘Dave’ [Stade] said to me regarding his association with Trump over dinner on the deck at one of his properties on the over 150 acres under his or FDSTONEWATER’S ownership or indirect control in The Sequoias [Within the actual Sequoia National Monument]:

“We [Dave Stade, himself, and Donald J. Trump] travel in the same circles. He’s [Trump is] very smart actually.”

It’s all rather mind blowing, particularly with all events in the course of my relationship with David Stade taken into account [Me paying FDSTONEWATER / David Stade my monthly Pandemic Unemployment Assistance money for rent in cash, in person, while also doing tasks that were no doubt chosen for their Fatal potential, such as cleaning mouse poop which carries the deadly Noriovirus, operating a commercial grade brush mower with no training or safety protection, and, my favorite, putting a cap on top of the sharply sloping smooth metal roof that was a sure fire death trap had I attempted. Later Dave would get on the ladder himself and make a fool of himself trying to make as if it was a reasonable request. The deepest darkest part however seems to be the connections between FDSTONEWATER and key persons such as Musk and Trump within what I would term ‘Private Sector Deep State’ – what happens when money and big banes gets silent power over political happenings, which I am.

The setup for multiple fatal outcomes was only part of the plan: what cut me deepest was the duplicity involved in the #NARCABUSE David Stade engaged in to bond me to him, and then later, his abrupt disownment of me: an Intelligence Community tactic as used on me by my ex girlfriends, who were all assigned, handpicked and groomed by their Intelligence Community fathers to handle me, an unwitting CIA asset: as with my other relationships, a false bond was built, and when I was all in, they pulled the rug out on me, leaving me desperate and destitute: alone in suicidal states, which I have had to suffer, barely surviving. I recall speaking to Dave from my balcony, in tears, telling him “Dave, I’m scared I’m going to be homeless again”… but the Dave I had been sold was gone: the cold centi-millionaire Trump / Musk circle associate was indifferent. It was the plan. All plausibly deniable – in the line of his ‘duty’ of course – as was the tactical #covertnarcissisticabuse I suffered at the hands of my exes. They tried to kill me. They broke me emotionally, but I’m still standing. BC this Sequoia does not waver: I ain’t no candle in the wind… DEVELOPING

Sequoia Liat Silverman @hatlow22 on IG

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