Please listen to the song ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ – from the movie, Lion King – and send your deepest Compassion and Love to the OVER 2,000,000 [TWO MILLION] INNOCENT souls, Human Beings, trapped inside personal, unimaginable real life hells in China – and by proxy through rascist #FREEUIGHUR , fascist, totalitarian rule under the CCP in China – the over 500,000 [HALF A MILLION] INNOCENT souls – HUMAN BEINGS – trapped in personal – extra horrid – [To normalize the CCPs atrocities in the forced labor concentration camps in China, the CCP ensures the hells they installed in North Korea are run with unspeakable heinousness.] – real life hells inside North Korea. If it was ONE PERSON – it would still be WRONG beyond the need for explanation. The fact that the cultural and human genocide of the Uyghur and North Korean Peoples has been going on since the 1980s, is an shame on human history. We must not allow these modern day holocausts to stain all of Humanity, because, though it is 2020 [whatev that means], we are truly at “the crucible of humanity” as US Army General Mike Flynn said in an interview on Nov 28, 2020: “We are going through a crucible of history and if we don’t correct what is happening over the next couple of weeks…. this country is done.” Folks, if we don’t correct what is happening, the whole world is done: you’ll end up in a camp IRL. When you allow horrible things, they will eventually take over. @amazon when will it stop under Jeff Bezos? . @spacex how great is the best team and the best 🚀 when it ends up bring used to ship this global diabolical cabal to Mars, while CCP really @walmart installs forced labor camps in the US to manufacture the @nike @apple @sony @abercrombie @bmw @thenorthface @adidas @microsoft @

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