ECT 4: HOW BOU DAH: Sincerely, Danger

If you’re not keeping up, well, not my fucking problem, but there is a happening in me:
The below ITALICIZED comments are some ANONYMOUS comments, not from me, but from others on the aformentioned resource from the previous installation of this waking dream art insallation.polymatharchives-blogspot-com-2015-01-the-inappropriately-excluded-html

So grim but truthful.There is still a place for the extremely gifted in pursuits other than the humanities, but narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths do seem to dominate the power domains. I am not a toymaker!*

There is a long list of accelerated resource depletion and more deadly ways of dealing with others that became that way due to scientists and their nerdy kin being in the thrall of their respective masters. Think “Ice-9” or Tsar Bomba. In fact, at one time, I was a design engineer on DARPA-sponsored projects. We weren’t developing nice things.

Yes you are right about that. People like me (sellouts to “The Man”) are hopefully offset by dedicated NOAA climate scientists and so on.

Ultimately, we have to leave open the career trajectories for potential “Crazy Eddies” because it is better to have a time machine and not need it than need it and be stuck in the present. Oh yes. Why the anonymity?

This sounds right. We don’t put ultra-high-IQ people in leadership positions because we can’t understand anything they say. Like the scene in “Idiocracy” where the 100-IQ protagonist tries to explain to a 40-IQ audience that plants need water. (He finally convinces them by telling them he talks to plants).

Power attracts problem solvers only when there are problems that power can solve. Ironically, by the time these problems – poverty, oppression, inefficiency, abuse – come to be, positions of power are already securely in the hands of Narcissists, who were the creators of these problems in the first place and don’t want any smart-asses solving them and spoiling their thrills and profit margins and sex slave parties.

If you want to change the world, you’d first have to partake in the ruthless competition for power that typically only interests Narcissists. Failing to do that but still partaking in invention & science makes you a psychopath’s toy maker – the rulers are bending every available technology and resource to their advantage (even the Internet with Facebook and Google), and it’s not looking pretty. What might happen when they can become Gods and Fates of virtual worlds full of conscious virtual humans? Something they’d perhaps never accomplish on their own. Lovecraft would be children’s stories in comparison.

Game theory says nature loves the ruthless. Those who will use fear, pain, terror, deception and all the tools of the war-box always ultimately win over those who try to play nice (or are compelled to be relatively nice due to their empathy). All good men will roll on their backs like little dogs if their loved ones are threatened – everyone who loves will ultimately negotiate with terrorists. As will anyone with empathy when enough is threatened. That’s how easily evil conquers, and it’s the same everywhere. Only the concept of God and an eternal punishment for failure could even the playing field, but that would require belief, which is now inaccessible to intelligent people (at least to those who are in control of their own minds). Even if it weren’t inaccessible, we are soon (negligible senescence via genetic engineering) at a stage where fear of earthly punishment can rival fear of the eternal. It’s said that the Church retarded science, but it obviously has not retarded it enough.

It remains for intelligent people to remove themselves from science and technology related fields, perhaps focusing entirely on artistic endeavours or something else that creates no significant tangible value. Anything else means speeding up the inevitable & utter doom inherent in nature and mankind.

ALSO, this movie IS one I need to watch:

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