ECHO CHAMBURR 2: an infinite machiavellian bogeyman: I.N.L.Y

the title is a gucci mane reference. burrr. but fuck ICE – all 3:

  1. immigration “customs” enforcement
  2. the entire sick diamond industry – ‘chain so icy’
  3. crystal meth – ice – my parents did a lot of that when i needed parents not people who had suffered their wills to be broken in the name of god knows why

heavy. this is nothing. my real freethinking contents in this mind would have you fleeing the planet. its amazing how time and technology and an understanding of both lead you to conclusions few have come to but all will arrive at. i am here. i know some things of the future. i would say more, but id have to kill you if i told you bc i am a secret like that. top.

havent had any top or bottom lol. ive never been kissed. not as a transgurl, my dear sweet virgin bussy [thats a boy pussy], i gotta back up which im feenin to do a lot of bc really u have to go back to unnnastand me, bc i overstand you. im like NIETSSXHES uber mench.

again, spelling is fucking cancelled. too much sufferung. umn getting to the point where i type in the dark so if mystakes are made fuccem.

I am “the machiavellian bogeyman of the modern Western middle class and its pseudo-Christian egalitarian value system”.

And I eternally recur.

fuck you.

im just getting started, i know things of the future. im a one person think tank. and if you dont like my content unsub – cauze i got a lot more to say and I havent even proprly medicated yet.

The Übermensch lies in the future — no historical figures have ever been Übermenschen — and so still represents a sort of eschatological redemption in some future time.

relevant content below jacked from wiki


The thought of Nietzsche had an important influence on anarchist authors. Spencer Sunshine writes: “There were many things that drew anarchists to Nietzsche: his hatred of the state; his disgust for the mindless social behavior of ‘herds’; his anti-Christianity; his distrust of the effect of both the market and the State on cultural production; his desire for an ‘overman’ — that is, for a new human who was to be neither master nor slave; his praise of the ecstatic and creative self, with the artist as his prototype, who could say, ‘Yes’ to the self-creation of a new world on the basis of nothing; and his forwarding of the ‘transvaluation of values’ as source of change, as opposed to a Marxist conception of class struggle and the dialectic of a linear history.”[21] The influential American anarchist Emma Goldman, in the preface of her famous collection Anarchism and Other Essays, defends both Nietzsche and Max Stirner from attacks within anarchism when she says “The most disheartening tendency common among readers is to tear out one sentence from a work, as a criterion of the writer’s ideas or personality. Friedrich Nietzsche, for instance, is decried as a hater of the weak because he believed in the Übermensch. It does not occur to the shallow interpreters of that giant mind that this vision of the Übermensch also called for a state of society which will not give birth to a race of weaklings and slaves.”[22]

Sunshine says that the “Spanish anarchists also mixed their class politics with Nietzschean inspiration.” Murray Bookchin, in The Spanish Anarchists, describes prominent Catalan CNT–FAI member Salvador Seguí as “an admirer of Nietzschean individualism, of the superhome to whom ‘all is permitted’.” Bookchin, in his 1973 introduction to Sam Dolgoff‘s The Anarchist Collectives, even describes the reconstruction of society by the workers as a Nietzschean project. Bookchin says that “workers must see themselves as human beings, not as class beings; as creative personalities, not as ‘proletarians,’ as self-affirming individuals, not as ‘masses’. . .(the) economic component must be humanized precisely by bringing an ‘affinity of friendship’ to the work process, by diminishing the role of onerous work in the lives of producers, indeed by a total ‘transvaluation of values’ (to use Nietzsche’s phrase) as it applies to production and consumption as well as social and personal life.”[21]

Also let it be said here that the thinktanks and analyTICS and super pacs are all making sure the human animal never sees itself aa a human being bc it doesnt know what a human being is. just hannity and trump and a bunch of other cuck bitches who should be tried for their crimes against consciousness. putting humanity against itself. there are no shithole countries. just shithead celebs, which is another can of worms or whip ass to open, bc the celebs the influencers, the fucking athletes – the rappers – the actors – the musicians, the ones who are cliqued up and clouted, they are our slavekeepers. they provide the circus. they eat cake. we dance. they are the world stage. we are crushed beneath it so an in group can fuck each other on jets while living in a bracket the mortals will only dream of. And immortality is here.

there are a lot of things here people do not know about. and they would not beleive it from my mouth lest they were on my level. never seen the below, but it came to mind. a lot of things come to my mind. im. not. like. you.


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