Fake News is Dictator Shit

Edit: I wrote this about two years ago, just publishing now:

I wish I had a more elegant title, but there is nothing more inelegant than the idea of “Fake News”.

Having studied journalism at DINFOS, I take real issue with the term.

The problem is that to even address the term “fake news” is to declare that we live in a highly ignorant world, full of highly impressionable people – and that’s putting it nicely.

Frankly, I’m never surprised at how …..the world is – after all, we are evolved from monkeys, but, as a homeless person once told me, “‘Humanity’ shouldn’t be used as an excuse for our behavior, but, rather, as something to strive towards.”

But this striving is blunted sharply by the fact that the leaders of this world are promoting ignorance. “Ignorance”, by no coincidence, containing the word “ignore” – because that’s exactly what they want you to do, but even worse, they are successfully discrediting the media by sowing rampant distrust.

Let me tell you: if CNN, or whichever liberal media outlets – and it’s ALWAYS liberal media – if they were running false stories, they would NOT be in business – period.

The specific falsehoods they ran would be national news.

It would be like “Hey, CNN is running stories that aren’t true.” – and every other media outlet would run it as a top headline.

This is simply untrue.

And the people who promote fake news are absolutely immoral. Further, they don’t give a goddamn shit about you – you’re a herd to them.

I’ll just leave this here:

The fact that this is happening on a global scale is terrifying.

When the political parties are running the news, we’ve lost the rudder. We’re fucked.

But this is exactly the position we are in.

I wish I had a more compelling argument – but the problem with the truth is that it doesn’t require one.

It’s the falsehoods that do mental gymnastics, and, by virtue of their stupidity, win minds.

The fact is, if you are a thoughtful, intelligent person, you simply have to accept that we live in a world of highly controllable people.

And the think-tanks know this. Some room full of piece of shit smart people discovered how to control people. And if it wasn’t people, it would have been AI driven by people seeking the same ends.

It’s ugly.

But Dunning Kruger effect is human nature.

The idiots believe they are intelligent, and the rest are too fucking ignorant to know.

And some are just hateful.

I could go on and source the historical precedence for dictatorship and totalitarian regimes sowing distrust of the media, but if it could make a difference to you, you wouldn’t care, because the real issue with “fake news” is not that it’s fake, but that it’s oppositional.

As a general rule, what the masses follow is not a good signaler for veracity, and I’m afraid of a world increasingly bent on sowing distrust of the media – who are, in fact, the very people who have insured we live in a free world.

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