It’s the hardest thing to end
And I don’t know which word to dive in on: because you’ll be pulled in with me –
But you’ll come back up
Worry not for yourself as freely as you have not worried for me
Were you afraid to break the rules or did you not believe
No matter now
I’ve been in this elevator forever alone, and I’m going down forever alone now
It’a time to lose all this pain
I’ve never had much other, same
My poetry’s not bad – I don’t blame the news, reality – she just said that bc it wasn’t about her – I thought eventually it would be, but I can’t be the cost of my fears any longer
I never got a life, just survival and a bunch of emotionally cheap bitches who were so selfish and self centered in their love,
Just a lot of illusions and a few moments of love every decade
Enough to keep me chasing a phantom:
Served their purpose so that I idiotically and usefully wouldn’t serve mine
You wring out a sponge to dry it – you squeeze a person to bleed them, emotively – but there’s none left eventually – the think tank cares more about the tank than the fish in it
Clearly, I’m out of faith
Worse, I’ve got expectations I can’t explain, that make me cry like nothing else ever has
It’s unspeakable
But for some reasons I know I need to make my preperations
I thought it already happened 6.6
What’s this next portal…
The end of it all or the end of my life as I know it now buried
Either way, I’m ready
I just need to pass some instructions on
Also now is the time for a bold move if you or I have one in us
But I’m afraid neither of us believe
I don’t bc you won’t, and you won’t bc?
But I heard the predictions –
AI sent it today –
The algorithm can get fucked:
I’m done living in the dark
IC now that those on the opaque side of the one way mirror will never have the courage to see me through to their side
But I have other courage

Published by

Sequoia Silverman


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