Oh Einstein

Oh Einstein
I miss you buddy boy;
We had some real adventures in our day,
Out there in our woods
All those walks,
The hugs I would give you, the talks
Taking you to my house for treats,
Giving you yogurt for your gut
All the rabbits and coyotes we spotted, chased off
All the times we got lost on ungodly long hikes,
Nothing but trees in sight,
The sun going down
Then coming in and sitting on the couch with you laying at my feet

Goddamn I loved this fucking dog:
Hope I see him again

He’s a legend, a part of me and my love for animals forever, Einstein, dearest buddy to Wolf Waldo, best friend;
Like a Fifi or a Soso… only I don’t think of them all too often because I don’t think I’ll see them again… pain… shame…

Yeah, there’s a real sad boy here, to whom I am the momma of – and he loves dogs, like,
Was practically raised by wolves,
Well, Jake – but still,
I love animals like the highly sensitive child I am
But I haven’t seen my animal friends in a long time

Wish I was going to go surprise Einstein today;
What more can I say
We went for miles and miles and miles

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