Some Music Feb 2020

Tonight, while on a long walk to an old haunt, I found myself singing softly to myself, as I often do when I don’t have headphones on.  And while I sang a good handful of songs, from Teegan and Sarah to 2006 OG Kanye, the following are the songs that really held me down on my long singalong walk, wherein I returned to places I never really left:

Beach Bunny, Prom Queen

“I’m no quick curl Barbie.” And while this may just be a song that stays with me for a time, as others have, it is nonetheless serving its purpose.

Also, the bridge from Painkiller is amazing:

Take me to the hospital
I need Paracetamol
Tramadol, Ketamine
I just need some pain relief

Clairo, Alewife

This album was a fucking vibe and it still is. I’m choking up, listening to this now, thinking of all the feels I’ve been through on this song the last six months.

The National, Pink Rabbits

“You didn’t see me I was falling apart. I was a white girl in a crowd of white girls in the park.”

While this album is dangerously twine with some of my deepest depression, it nonetheless continues to comfort me. Before Pink Rabbits, the song I most recently have vibed to has been Slipped.

I also found myself singing to, and being comforted by, Dope Lemon’s Fucked Things Up:

Other than that, Grimes has my attention lately, with her releases from her upcoming Miss Anthropocene (Feb 21).

On a similar alien-girl vibe: FKA Twigs’ Mary Magdalene album has remained steady in my rotation, for damn good reason.

Lastly, if you need something to sleep to, I always return to Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm or the ever perfect Post Tropical, from James Vincent McMorrow. Both pair excellent with soft rain in the background. This is basically my white noise anti-anxiety recipe.

All this said, I love you and I miss you all. I hope these songs find you.

Also, if anyone has any good music to share, please comment or msg me, I’d love to hear it.

And, just so I can cry a few tiny little precious tears, I wanna show some love for Mark Knopfler’s Romeo and Juliet.  I’ll post more old one’s soon.


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