Month: November 2019

Beneath Dirt

I got nostalgic the other day, Wished we were going to Jah Healing, Stater’s, and back to the cabin, But it was never that great in real life – We were too depressed, too out of love, too unimpressed with each other – The dogs deserved better than that, And I hope they have it;…

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at a time

the hurt grows heavier with time; all of this – without the friend(ssss) and family, to whom Lawrence is no longer alive – but this is just a sidebar, an aside: for I have my inner-child to provide for – to harbor – and we’re hardlly there, libidinal unclear, shellshocked, in repair, collide; what a…

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Damnit Lenise

the sadness deep: pain; poetry’s the only place the awake speak plain – maya, illusion, plato’s cave, we’re the shadow puppets they watch, on whose downfall sus glances pray from those who long fearing our rise, made sure we were imvisible to naked eyes, in poverty, blind, at the center of some labrynth

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