Month: August 2019


It’s the little things, The girl who saw me walking behind her and held the girl’s room door open for me – though I just came out of the men’s… I suppose I want women to feel safe – A spell of jiu-jitsu classes and the pepper spray on my purse is my surety, But…

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my best

been doing it, my best no crutches, real sobriety; feelings, and a vulnerability that leaves me more aware than afraid bc I heard the truest words last night, when the checker at the grocery told me: “be careful out there”, and I knew just what he meant; the vulnerability is palpable, as real as the…

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somebody / fated / nulled

I wish I was somebody, but I’m not; Not that I’m nobody, but I’m not enough to matter to her; ‘It wouldn’t change anything’, she would say, But it would: I know it – And why, why do I miss the bitch who disowned me so much… I guess you would have to have been…

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