Month: July 2019

B.T.W; Nothing

I sweat out memories, releasing the salt in my wounds – the real wounds: the ones that go all the way back to childhood – the ones you unpack at 34, one monday night, while soaking in a hot bath after hiking fifteen miles – the ancient salt comes out and you see where all…

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Postscript Re: Sarah

I don’t mind saved drafts, they are vital to the writer’s journey to psychic wholeness; for the alchemy of maturity must be performed alone, in private; however, lately, I have been saving too many drafts in what I can only perceive as an attempt to avoid writing about what I have been meaning to write…

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I’m a Bit Glad Even

Come all the way in a year To myself, to no more fear; and I know I’m pretty now… … Of fact, I must mention her here, who left a year ago, for whom I already broke my heart – back when I was without a friend and desperately in need of one – Yeah,…

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