Month: February 2019

The Late Light

I never thought I’d have regrets, Then I woke up alone, The ice melting on the roof My great thaw, dripping consciousness, Jaw dropping rawness… Encino man: I was a brute – They weren’t accusations, it was true… So my heartbreak came, When the late light shone through.

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Time Machine

We begin at twelve, in the the library, Where I ask me to remember me So that later, we can pick up my fifth grade dreams of solo sailing the sea … Then, at twenty-two, on the beach I’d tell me not to forget my inner security Which I am fated to externalize and lose…

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Do You Believe in Yourself

I feel there is a pervasive unconscious intelligence guiding everything Making painful due sacrifices, As in loves lost, and the pain that programs us I have been given space, I am alone as to why Bruce Lee said it, Actions, not words Time tells And the all in all serves something… Why we are here…

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