Month: January 2019

… And Things Do Happen

…I never saw myself the way other people saw me… No matter how little I had, I always felt I was worthy… Until they didn’t – and left, And I felt worthless, alone A cycle of getting recycled, Repeated, 3-Peated … Did it to myself, Wanted to be loved for my worst qualities… … and…

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A Wild Dream

I had a wild dream, I was on a bus, careening out of control, down a hill I was, unknown to them, there to help, An IDF special forces soldier sat beside me And finally, we arrived in a valley Children ran out, gnome-like, after us, as we filled into the grassy lowlands – They…

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Our Self

We all just have this one, short, sweet time to be alive, To live this seemingly neverending journey – our story; To love, to forgive, to empower others, to surrender to Our Self, and to decide, what is rather than what may be.

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Go With The Flow: Trust It

Growing up, my dad often told me to, “Go with the flow.” As with other things he said to me growing up, this only came to have meaning to me after he was gone (…the people we love have a way of gilding us like that, even after they are gone from our lives…). My…

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