Month: August 2018

Avatar Master

There are two main pieces of me: The boy, a child-god, who lives on the inside And the man, an animal, who lives on the outside; The boy, omnipotent yet a god, imaginary… The man, capable yet a man, flesh… The age old question: How to reconcile these opposites (The magical and the rational), which…

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For Money We Do.

I burned all my walking sticks tonight, like old crutches And I burned a book called The Veneral Game too This, also, literally It sells for $187 on amazon Value is subjective, truly I found the book not worth the paper it was on And I’m glad I burned it, Because, had I known what…

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Sometimes my joy is interrupted, When I want to share it with someone. Silly, happy things: The gravity bong I made tonight – So fucking ace.

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A person asks who they are, Who might they become… And years are lost this way, Spent in abstact thought rather than concrete action … To declare ourselves As hero and author of our story, In deed rather than word, Is to know we are not who we think we are But what we are,…

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Satan’s Loneliness

Woke to a map of Mexico on my desk Newton’s world on my chest… I am a satan to myself, The immortal adversary Irrational, passionate – My most potent emotions my lowest, the finer qualities still wanting… Would she be lucky? My exes hate me But now I want to know, Genuinely want to know…

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