Month: November 2017


And my father’s footsteps still haunted me, Only, now I was walking in them; Your crime was being unhappy, Mine was punishing you for it.

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Robot Rebellion

Erich Fromm told us we wouldn’t be slaves one day, But robots, Our own masters For this is the common disaster: A life that feels like a bad Netflix movie, Where all the characters are spoiled and insignificant and unhappy, Like you and me… “What’s life about?, You ever ask yourself that?” My dad used…

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Looking Life in The Face

Spent the day reading Erich Fromm’s, Beyond the Chains of Illusion – probably one of the more important reads I’ve enjoyed in a while – one of those “right of passage” books you happen across right when you need it – just like finding the precious amulet or map in a video game. Only, this…

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