Month: May 2017

5/26/17: The Days Count

With all I have before me as a person and a writer, and as fast as the years go: the days count. Indeed; however, they only count as much as I make them.  I am very disinterested in the kind of life that feels like Groundhog Day: work, eat, shit, sleep – maybe something, alcohol,…

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To Truth

You can be your looks and believe it, And the world will too – Yet, you will still fall apart; You can be any success, Until it crumbles; For, few things hold one fast to the center: Art. Love. Meaning. Ideas. These things keep us alive; We are because we create – And we’ll never…

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My Inbox, Mine

Email is an albatross, A constant weight about the necks of billions, Bringing heads down dutifully, To check it, forever – Without ever a Sabbath, except maybe Christmas – Email is a part of the daily human condition, For most everyone now, And it blows. But maybe your inbox, like your life, differs from mine;…

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