One Imperfect Hero

I seek the center of myself,
To live the song I am with clarity -That peaceful, healthful joy
Here, a new paradigm,
Let lay cornerstone to my beliefs:
I, one imperfect hero,
Lusts and ambitions too,
Sleep contentedly
For by fortune’s grace,
At one and thirty years, my soul is yet bouyant, airy, clean,
My past at rest,
For there really was no other way
So I live as if I had never relinquished my cares,
That I was always this best friend to myself,
And nevermore have to fear a coming hour, day, nor year,
Being whole,
The hero I sought for myself as a child. 

Note: I came across this tonight while going through a few recent drafts, and while it’s not my favorite poem, it speaks to self-acceptance, love. That said, the world needs more generosity in its art. 

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