Month: February 2017

Incredible, Unforgettable

Can I write in new ways? Can I imagine, Being here, right now And there, in future days Am I going to do what I want, Willing and pursuing daily? – Costs be damned; Outcome’s inevitible: I just want to be remarkable, Incredible, unforgettable

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Little Joys

Trying my best, my darndest, my hardest, Wake up starving – Starving artist Frustrated and stoned, Tears in my throat; It’s been a long road – But then I recall the Joads: Picking up, carrying on Little joys unspoilt

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Deus Ex Anima 

I thought I was Edmond Dantes, And she, Mercedes And I chased that myth All the way to Hades; Dying like Gatsby, All for goddamn Daisy I would have ended like Martin Eden, If not for Sarah Swasey – The girl I didn’t project a myth onto, And the freedom that gave me

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And I’m Here

I’m looking to simplify life; for, at thirty-one, I find life complex beyond need.  In my quest to simplify life, what I am really after are my goals.  I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older my priorities have changed. While writing has always been a thread of my life, from childhood to present, I didn’t…

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3:22 Am

I tried to write to right my wrongs, But I couldn’t find the right song – Woe to no one that my drafts are saved, But alas, I have to be So I confess here, Numinous athiest I am Come to set my heart right, Commit to goals: Write; Not just smoke three cone tips…

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I’ve come to see that a big part of maturity – if not the core of it – comes down to our ability to perceive reality without bias, without denial, and without escape.  To be well-adjusted to life is to be at peace with it, for better or for worse, because, fact is, you will…

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To Dead Ambitions

Reflecting by the fire on lost time, Mourning the me I had to let die For in real life, it’s Batman or Master Wayne; Like Wiz said: you gotta know your lane And so, freed from inartistic wishes, I dedicate this obit to dead ambitions

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