Month: January 2017

The Beauty Forgotten

Thirty one trips around the sun, always changing, always growing; I enjoy Pearl Jam, I watch Rugrats again (The latter as musical as the former). What’s more, I have reclaimed some of the beauty forgotten, the long-lost treasures buried in the epoch of my youth. For I received a box of childhood memories from my sister this…

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Madeline Brownies

My life as loafer, stoner Hero or villian What will I be? What I’d like? Fun and easy But I, I high on 3 strains, Full on madeline brownies and milk Want nothing more than to loaf Only life doesnt allow that So I spend three days in bed depressed about that After, at which…

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Catching Up with Wolf Waldo

I’ve had Black Sabbath’s Going Through Changes in my head lately, and, besides being a beautiful song, it really encapsulates my feelings lately, having recently been through so many big changes myself.  It was John Mayer who said something in a radio interview once about how, ‘a human being only goes through true quantum change,…

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