Six Years in Exile

Six years in exile
Six years from new to new textiles

Back then we used BBM,
Different text-style
But life is mos def weird, X-Files

I smile inside,
Happy in my eventide,
Halfway to dead but never happier to be alive
Even happier than you and I that 4th of July
And thats a lot of happy, I’m happy to say,
And I hope like me, youre happy today

Cause Lord knows I been to the moon and back since back then
Been so broke I couldn’t afford an aspirin –
Now I’m fresh in the mountains,

And they thought I was a fuckin has-been?
Well I has-been low as a fuckin ants been,
But now im laughing, chillin in my cabin,
Cause I mever quit, addict
Had to level up, attic
But now im back, randy savage
I wrested my demons;
Didnt want to be average
I wanted to be fly, Mavrick
But I fell off the top like a loose-brick
Lived eyes wide shut, Stanley Kubrick
Had complicated problems, rubix
Bore the weight of the world, crucifix
I couldnt even afford to get a tooth fixed
Hurt so bad, I almost tried to remove it
Drunk as I was tho, I couldn’t do it
Thank my soul tho, we made it through it
Now i can take my baby out to Ruths Chris
Same as me she likes em a little thick

Yes I smile, Yes I do
I finally found my way through

Six years in the wilderness,
Every fear came to pass
Six years a servant to fear,
Beneath the lash, and on the rack

Till the day now I 

from 24601 in 90210

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