Get Thee Up

“I wake up every morning and check if I am in a state of grace,” a 31 year-old Leonard Cohen told an interviewer in 1965.

Every morning of your life, you choose whether your soul is in a state of grace or not. Now, whether or not this is a conscious choice is up to you.

For me, the grace of my soul requires no more than that I choose to live consciously: choosing to be happy – choosing to be excited about MY life – choosing to affirm the gratitude I have for the opportunities that are mine to seize TODAY.

In the words of a young Leonard Cohen: “There are dreams of glory whispering through the wires of my spine.”

I want this everyday. 

This is called “a can’t lose attitude”. 

Put simply: your wellbeing is your choice; you can have it everyday.

Happiness isn’t the result of a good life but the cause of one.

And while we live in a world of thermometers – people who reflect their environment – YOU CAN be a thermostat – controlling your own; for we are either kings or pawns in this life (Alexander Dumas).

As the ancient proverb reminds us: “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.”

Remember this; wrap your mind around it; marinate on it.

As I have reinterpreted it: happiness isn’t the result of a good life but the cause of one.

And whether I know all this stuff already or not – and no matter how much I have written it – I will never stop reminding myself of the core tenets that comprise the bedrock of my life and my wellbeing.




If you don’t choose your beliefs about yourself – if you aren’t consciously choosing your beliefs about your relationship to today – they will exist independently of your own power.

And trust me, if you are relying on anything outside of yourself for your wellbeing, you are playing a risky game.

Last time I checked, this world was not exactly in a state of grace. And while that’s unfortunate, it is not in my power nor in my duty to control (Footnote 1/1). 

What I know is that I can choose to live in a state of grace REGARDLESS of what happens or has happened in my life; for I rely on that impenetrable thing Emerson referred to as “self-reliance”.

And while it requires a bit more courage, life is far better lived from the saddle than in the carriage.

So giddyup and exercise your will, for that is what you are here to do.

Giddyup Etymology:

From get up or get ye/thee up.

Footnote 1: There is absolutley nothing wrong with knowing in your heart of hearts that you are a bit better than this savage world you were born into: for it’s a Trump America and the inmates are officially running the asylum.

What’s Left is Simply To Live

I’ve admittedly been fairly reticent here as of late. And now, like one revisiting a letter from an unrequited love, I return to the page to assuage the alluring ache of a melancholy muse, which compels me to write as a lover or sweet digestif compels one to bed after dinner. 

For in the breatheless, magical realm of writing, I experience the passing of my personal woes – a victory arising from the increase in self-awareness that I gain through the practice of my craft, which, ironically, allows me to forget myself, or at least forget my self-pity.

Tonight my craft has me sitting up in bed writing a reply to the question that the muse always asks of me, which is simply: How am I doing?

Perhaps Stoically, I want to reply that I am grateful to be about as happy and peaceful as a human can be, given, just, you know, like life to deal with, which is one heck of a factor – one I used to deny in fact; however, I have come to see that we all have our shit to deal with in life. No one has a shit free life. My shit is simply my shit, and I have to deal with it, to overcome it. And furthermore, the shit in your life is a factor best confronted: the changes and challenges of life either faced or accepted rather than denied or repressed. 

People die, and you will go through periods of discontent. Don’t withdraw. Don’t numb. Take care of your shit instead. That simple. 

I, as all living things, can only grow or decay; knowing I will always be evolving – changing as much as my life and my life as much as I – I choose growth. I want to confront my shit in life because I know I am capable of overcoming it. This is what it means to be the hero of your story. And it’s going to require that you grow and evolve. 

Reflecting on my most recent evolution, mountain living seems to have nurtured a quiet masculinity within me that manifests itself in action rather than words, and I’m finding myself more inclined to silence than discourse; I simply no longer feel such an anxiety fueled need for constant thought or speech. In short, I am confronting my shit and as a result I am at peace with myself: past present and future. And that’s really something. 

It’s a good place to be: I rather like myself and my life, and blimey to you if you don’t.

What more can I say: I am bravely facing life head on. My dreams, my stories, La Vie Boheme – all are mine. What’s left is simply to live, to continue being brave. 

And now that the school bell has rung:
Class is out:
And here I am –
Ready to live.