Aphorisms, Invitations, and Provocations IX

It is a rare pleasure to find writers whom I enjoy reading in the way I enjoy my small cadre of “spiritual grandfathers” (Sorry Ayn Rand, but I don’t think you’d be bothered by the gender exclusive title anyway). Anyhow, I am looking forward to reading more from this author, as this entry quenched my thirst for the real, the true, and the beatiful.

– LB

P.s. If, like me, you want to read more of the author’s Aphorisims, Invitations, and Provocations, you may find the category archive for them here

Paul's Bench

241. Several times I have had the mental image of a man and woman, both of whom are overshadowed by two non-human, giant figures – like deities – who are channeling through the man and woman. The “possessed” human couple experiences a dramatic intensification of experience on a variety of levels, simultaneously. Both the man and the woman mistakenly assume that the source of all this intense, dramatic emotion and desire, fear, and insecurity arises from the human all too human level, when in fact – all along – it is coming from the impersonal, godlike creatures behind them. It is only with our acceptance and understanding of these daimonic or transpersonal “background” factors that we are able to let ourselves and others “off the hook” for words and deeds over which they frequently have little or no authorship or control.

242. Sex and Spirit: I have often suspected that the…

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