Month: June 2016

We Stay

I might have written my best poems with you, You always believed in my poetry, if not me Maybe. Who knows, I just know time goes But we stay. We stay. I quote the things you used to say. Sometimes it feels like every day. The things you used to say.

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If I had to choose between writing and sex, I’d choose pen over penis eight days a week. Why I’ve gone with such a seemingly daft metaphor, I know all too clearly; for my writing is growing into as compulsory an act as masturbating was for me at fifteen, only I’ve no Portnoy’s Complaint  –…

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Have the courage to stop the world and start over at two am, While the night is still and your days may yet be seized; Have the courage to use your dreams as metaphors for the things you truly want: Reimagining your life as one does who has become brave enough to see heroes as…

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I lie so close to the one I love, Ten million miles away By rote I tell myself all will be well, But these words invoke only a reminder of the hell The loneliness, The stone, cold to the bone, hurt loneliness Where where dreams, When we fall so sad On one another in resignation

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