Poetry: A Bit More Away

I woke up rolling over my thoughts,
Going back and forth, vexed and perplexed

Thinking of old loves,
Laughing and crying inside –
Strange how one lives on, while the other has died

Laughing how the first is now a re-al-tor
And the second, well, she was my Katie Holmes

And always, I hope my Bunny is well –
And Mousey, well, she deserves her upper-middle-class hell

Time will tell, I tell myself
Time will tell, the mountains say
But sometimes time goes, and we stay

But fear staves off nothing, so I fear death not
I only strive towards the toil and care of my craft,
The shaping of plots

We are either kings or pawns in life, a man once said
And having been the latter,
I shan’t let the former go to my head

So now, I cease writing to commence the day,
Having written this to put the past a bit more away

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