Sometimes, I need to let the world burn –
She said ‘You smell like ashes’ – so I let the akashic records sink in
And in this sink we are swimming in,
I hope sea level turns on solid gears like the bezel we live in
Because time is no straight line
It’s a flat circle, that turns a man to Stefan from Urkel in time

I told her time moves but sometimes we stay
To which she said, I never wanted it to be this way

Endings and beginnings. Each day brings both.
For on days like this, men awoke to blow up buildings, and mom’s awoke to light candles for babes to blow out.

We sleep to dream, but we go nowhere.

Do not mistake my darkness for nihilism.
I beleive in something – if only the e before i after b, for 2 + 2 always equals three when you are as lonely as me.

And what of now, what satisfaction may the tired find in time when they were always catching up to dreams, always looking to find the math in the madness.

There’s myths in the madness,
Beauty in the sadness
Light in the abyss,
The depths in the wetness of her kiss

But I lack the strength to be missed

For I am one who never made sense of any but the aftermath,
Saw dreams and went after that
Let alchemy face me to the facts.

Those gifts of fate,
Burns scarring the beauty too late,
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to rust,
Gold to dust.

But of diamonds I hope,
Of stones dark and up for auction.

For that dream, I go down under like Auckland.

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