Her: This Poem is a Draft

I couldn’t be the me she wanted me to be
I couldn’t see what she wanted me to see

And let me make it clear, this poem is for Her to hear
But it’s dedicated to The Her that’s here

I’m writing this,
Trying to heal the hurt that’s here

The hidden pain
The hidden pain
The hidden pain

Life never makes sense

Pain never makes sense

So after you left, I became everything I was never

Ever after you,
I was ever, never the same
And after you left, I finally changed

You made me feel so at home
So after you left
I was home alone

I never felt so alone

Unknown to myself
I was a danger
A hazard to my health

I was lost
I was lost
I was lost.

And I’m sorry you paid the cost

You lost
You lost
You lost.

And it breaks my heart to give Her the me you deserved
The me you made –
So I bleed in secret to feel like the debt is being paid

But she’s nice.
A good girl like you
Who likes the things I do

Tonight I told Her she owes them to you
And she told me never to compare you two

But I can’t help but fear you would be happier than she
But unlike you she won’t leave me
And unlike Her, you don’t want to be here

So I’ll give Her everything you deserve

There’s nothing else to do.

Too real, I feel.
it’s okay. this poem is a draft,
Only: my life isn’t, and there lies the rub.

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