Poem of a Thousand Songs: To A Muse and Amuse

The bombs go off,
But I’m safe from the fire
And not in your eyes,
Where I once drowned in desire

I’ve forgotten what it is to feel joy
Suffocated myself in that fake plastic pity
Lost, my feelings, an amoeba, they grew wild in this city
Holding your atlas hand in the dark, trying to find us
Under an orange sky
In That Tiny Apartment
Where we died

And now,
After all this time, carrying your heart in mine,
I’m ready to lose who I am again

So I drank a cactus tea,
And I lay down a blanket near the sea
But no Romeo am I,
For it is your heart and not mine that must die

Surrounded by tea lights
Listening to Elton John
Taking flight
Remembering the ecstacy of foreign delights

And no, I am not going to write you another love song

On my journey to the center of the earth,
As deep down as our love hath sent me
I have seen some things,
In that tomb within me
Shadows with the weight of atom bombs
My whole world they did destroy
But now I gotta go back,
One last time
To dive under waves of loneliness and save the boy
This innocence has not been all spent yet

I want to raise my soul way up
So high I can never look down on it again
Way up above
There is no drug as bold as love,
No come down as hard

Your song is one I now skip over,
The train won’t stop there again
It is bitterseeet that I confess,
I can’t forever fate my gaze on the memory of a dead friend

I just heard a laugh in the, so great, in the distance
It was contageous
And that is how I want to be,
My happiness ought be outrageous

A revenge that sweet would be the best success
Picture my next girl:
A hippie soul in a Cavali dress
Body so soft that I will caress
Credit cards all black like Kanye West –
What dreams may come yet at thirty

No my life isn’t over
I’m merely starting back at one
Now that I’ve quit counting the losses I let go of,
My life’s just begun

But I never forget my mortality,
In the surrealness of an unplanned reality
So maybe I’ll start laying plans
Cast this mortal die again
He’s a magician that has immortal friends

So I think I’ll delete half my music library
Trade this dead baggage for a real life
Make a path for a real wife
In the peace, the armistice of a soul no longer at war

How’s that for a dream
Because, I’m telling you,
The past isn’t all it seems
It’s no yellow brick road that swallows you whole
And Elton told me I was too young to be singing the blues

In short,
I’ll not stand on the platform anymore,
Waiting on you,
And for my life to change

I think I can take the speed it’s moving
So I think I’ll jump on,
Seeing as how we can’t stop this train

And when I blow out these candles and go home
I’ll not lay down in my bed like a grave
And I’ll eat my breakfast like wedding cake
For these mistakes were mine to make

I’ll be good from here on out
Living life like I should,
For all the times I never could
That’s Grace
Not being scared of the blood stains on your hands,
Massacres you made of your best laid plans
Yes, sometimes the plane crashes into a mount
But of your life you need not make a mount of doubt

Once more into the great wide open,
The unknown,
The mystery of life
I’m ready to go
To run through the heat of the sun

And no, a poem of a thousand songs can’t write my wrongs,
But neither will dying for them do
The sad truth is, I don’t think you are the least bit blue that I’m not right there, with you
And this, I’ve made for a muse!
No, this will not do.

I will cut from magazines,
Lay waste with scissors to Byron’s poems,
To build a house for my heart
A fineshrine for a home,
Till she pulls little lips around me
And dies under me in joy

That I might again feel the unspoiled purity of the boy within me,
Ah, that, Horatio,
Is Heaven and Earth
More fine than all the things in my dreams or the finest philosophies

In the future,
There is a roast chicken cooking,
A brass bed for my lady to lay, lady, lay
Her head on my heart,
And mine in hers
In the morning, we will shower together,
And have our sweet sin again

It’s more than a forever home,
This dream, my life,
The sum of all the love I have ever known
And for that, I will kick my addiction to pain past
Smash through sanctified memories like stained glass
No more Alas..
Alak! Hark ye, your heart to mine,
Hear my poem of a thousand songs
If you can read betwixt the lines,
May you forever be mine.
Let’s lay waste to fear,
Make love,
And become the divine

I, the poet, the writer,
You, The Wife
If that be not the dream you dream of,
Then please, forget me not – but stay neither

Haha, I laugh, light, for us
These candles, my trust
It burns for you,
The mystery, the unknown,
The muse

At six percent battery,
The writing soon comes to an end
And to The Muse, Mescalito, And the memory of a dead friend,
I dedicate these words
May they pierce the right ears and hearts
Giving life to both and repose to each

To live and let live,
May this love be forever for giving and forgiving
Because, this life, dear reader, is for living

4 percent, we’re gonna play all the eay till the end,
Till the power’s out and the candles burn
Till my Soul teaches me,
Everything I have to learn

Till zero hours, nine am
After this poem,
Neither you nor I
Shall ever be the same again

No, we are not the men and women they think we are
We are the technicolor rainbow of stars
The later ones, in their high-mass years,
That exploded and threw us up
Given to this life,
But never forgotten
Our bodies but not our souls,
Destined to be rotten
Memento mori
Like the battery,
We will die

3 percent
The candles now, like us,
Pure and wet
Burning hot with our dreams of youth and love
Breathing deep,
To remember it in,
That years and years on
We may remember, and return
Reading these words again

2 percent,
Almost back at 1
Where we, in motion, will stop
To live our lives,
Before we return to the earth to fuel the sun
That shall burn hot with our dreams of youth and love

1 percent
Never forget that I loved thee,
That we slept nights as sweet as Christmas Eve
But now, years and years on
We beat, burning back,
Born ceaselessly into the sun

Now, I go, off for a little fun
Before I die
That I may live and love.
May as well try
All we have are our dreams and our life
Let us close the gap before we …

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