Month: September 2015

What I Was

Preface: This has been an incredibly pivotal season of life for me, and I have been going through a time of radical self-realization. Tonight I took my blanket and candles to the shore for the supermoon blood lunar eclipse, and I wrote the following in reflection (Mainly) on the later part of my twenties. As…

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In Search of Home

Oh me, my, I’ve been so voiceless Still, the same feel of time traps me in my songs And no matter how hard I try to fight it, The past beats in me like a drum I’ve done my worst to silence the best in me, But not even in death will I rest in…

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If Not Now, When?

So many drafts; just like my life: my business a draft, my books drafts – my success a draft – my dreams a draft. But alas, life is no rehearsal; I play starting squad on a team of one every single day. And here as I sit, shoulders haunched, stomach slightly pudge and paunch, this…

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