I will tell you about my G-d
He is an optimistic nihilist, a smart fool, just like me
He is a she, a we, an idea I carry –

My G-d is with me now,
When you were gone,
Long before and after you stopped loving me
And the sun had set in me

My G-d doesn’t give a fuck, just like me
And sometimes, yes, we let people down –
But we are happy, drinking sweet milk, running down our throats like cool water
Reading Don Quixote, laying here and listening to music, flowing in our ears like sweet milk

The Greats shared my G-d
Marcus Aurelius, and Goethe, and Voltaire, and Balzac, and Victor Hugo
I love these men like brothers –
They made me less lonely,
Just like you

And now, like my G-d,
You are  an idea,
And I am disgusted with my humanity today,
Praying a shower washes away this feeling

I’ve got little faith left and I wished I made music so you could listen to this song on repeat
But it’s poetry and it flows through me like the. salt. in. my. veins
Because there are pains, like the dull throb in my left knee
That won’t leave

So I am praying they invent a time machine to take me back
Fuck this (Scarface voice)
We made love in the Garden of Eden, made Eden of our love
It was a paradise no imaginings of heaven can touch

The dream is broken
So I meet these days with a resignation and an understanding that nothing will ever matter like that again
To want to grow old  with someone so badly that all the pain of living thaws and washes away
TO Believe in things I can’t even admit to myself

Oh Horatio, please tell me Hamlet was right
Tell me there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreampt of in our philosophy
Because that’s what all this dreaming amounts to:
An idea

I just don’t get this life
This fucking mad, mad world
A world that justifies our basest behaviors
But aye, there’s a rub:

And that’s the beauty
Because sure, life has stung me aplenty
And I really don’t like what this living has done to me
But I do love what it has made me

An artist,
The greatest and noblest profession
I make mirrors that allow people to look into themselves
I soothe souls and absolve sins for a living

But I’m just like you, in the sea of life, between nihilism and optimism, faith and fatalism
Holding onto a G-d who tells me it can happen again
That I will be found
That I will lose myself in the clutch of thighs again

We will make a home
We will travel to the Seychelles
We will carry off the fears and the weight in the landslide of love,
My G-d and I, we will live, love, and die

So I listen to chill tunes,
Two legs tangled in this room,
Reading Don Quixote and sipping sweet milk
and I hear my G-d,
In that whisper and promise that everything will be okay

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