Carpe Noctem
I can be honest at night

Almost half-past three
Digital light

I can’t tell you I’m not scared,
Fuck yeah I fear the future

But the wound is where the light enters,
So pull these sutures

These silly lies –
Never was any good at wearing a disguise

It’s a ruse,
This game I play

Telling myself she’s gone
But I’ve still got the muse

Let this poem be my alibi
Proof I kept her love alive

Yup, I was up all night –
Alone and chasing time

Silly boy I am
No comfort in cold truths

They warm like red wine
But they taste like vermouth

The fan blows
Cooling these lonely tears

My face, I feel it
But I’ll never forget the years

When it’s just me –
Barehearted in these sleepy pants

How can I?
She was my best friend

I was her sleepyhead
She used to wear them to bed

They’re threadbare now
But they hold me together

These old pants
Haunted by that young love
They reminded him of her –
But she fit like a glove

It holds me together
Even if by a thread

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