Month: May 2015

The Song I Sing As a Man

I am so terribly happy, I find myself stupefied by my undeniable joy. Never have I, alone, felt anything like this; and it’s not the transitory kind of happiness either – my disposition seems to have altered; although, it’s not without cause. I’ve doubled down on my boyhood dreams, put my money where my mouth…

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"If we must escape from reality, it should be to a deeper, or greater, reality. This is the reality of our inner life, of our own unique vision of the world. To discover this reality makes us happy; the experience is deeply satisfying to some part of ourselves we do not normally touch. In any event, the rules of reading a great work of literary art should have as an end or goal just such a profound experience. The rules should clear away all that stops us from feeling as deeply as we possibly can."

- How to Read a Book, Mortimer J. Adler, p. 206

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The Eye of Heaven

I remember walking into a coffeehouse on Milwaukee’s East side four years ago and being struck by the haunting beauty of the music I heard. This possessed me to ask the barista if she knew who the singer was, to which she adorably replied: “Me.” For some reason I thought of this the other day,…

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I came down to the shore for the full moon. The sky is clouded – not a star in sight – nothing but the pale gray of a nearly solid-white night-sky. The only exception to the dull concrete atmosphere, the deep blue darkness of the enveloping horizon. A stiff onshore wind has forced me to…

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Finding Eden Again

I enjoy spending my sunsets seated comfortably on a soft Mexican blanket, facing the calm, placid shore near my home. This evening, I sat relaxedly listening to the ankle high waves falling softly on the shoreline, and I became transfixed by the steady, ceaseless rhythm of their arrival. In a moment, the tranquil, soothing sound of…

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