I don’t like everything I write; some of it I loathe mildly.

This is what happens when you funnel thoughts into prose: no distillation, no fermentation – no editing – just the facts ma’am; however, some of these facts are beautiful; stuff that keeps me buoyant and effervescent at three in the morning: the realization that love has the power to change one’s disposition (as probably only meditation and the spiritual use of psychedelics can).

It’s been said that we believe in the G-d we deserve. Like Carl Jung, I believe the nature of the psyche to be innately religious, although without this sense of profound possibility (my own definition of religion), the psyche is just as easily agnostic/atheist and magicless (Footnote 1).

Serendipity – zemblanity, oh how I have traversed these two poles.

I wish to stay a denizen of the former for the remainder of my years and I’m once again shooting for the moon to do so. I suspect having my sights raised and my heart light is in large part what it requires to live a religious life, that is to say, no more and no less than to live a life of profound possibility.

Because why not you?  If it’s not impossible then it’s possible, and if it’s possible then you can do it, and if you can’t do it then it can’t be done.

If it’s not impossible then it’s possible, and if it’s possible then you can do it, and if you can’t do it then it can’t be done.

When you die what will you wish you had done? More importantly, who will you wish you had become?

Kanye West said he was a G-d. If G-d is serendipity, you too can be a magician, you too can be who you were born to be – as grand and as limitless as your very soul.

Start with these questions:

Are you going to leave nothing behind other than the invisible echo of your shadow? Are you going to do no more than be a cog in this broken society? Are you going to roll down a blind path, never going around the briers (Footnote 2)? Be honest with yourself: where is today taking you? Where are you? Where do you want to be? And what is between the two? This path, this is the journey you must take: what you can be you must.

I’ll be back. A Couple weeks, a couple months, tops.

Footnote 1: I use a slash, rather than a comma or “or”, because having for a time called myself “agnostic” – in hindsight – I realized that materially, there is no difference in the world for the agnostic or the atheist: both amount to zemblanity. Per the second paragraph of this entry, I define religious as, “A sense of profound possibility”. G-d, I define as the result of this sense: serendipity. There are inherent limits to language, and for words such as “religious”, or “G-d”, words deeply personal and equally convoluted by society’s judgement, I find personal metaphor to be the best paradigm.

Footnote 2:

“A cucumber is bitter. – Throw it away. –
There briers in the road? – Turn aside from them.
This is enough. Do not add, And why were such things made in the world?”

Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 AD)

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