15 March 2015: Intact

An early morning – after a nice mellow, late night. A tired day, weighted down by the things that weigh days heavy on the shoulders of sons.

Heavy things, akin to the things that come with a given life, for every life has its tragedies; every family its misfortunes.

Nevermind my ambiguity. Putting this on paper won’t change the unalterable reality of it.

Some things are what they are; you can’t let your heart break under their weight. There’s a certain amount of innocence you have to maintain in order to keep your soul intact. For if you let that sacred part of yourself go, you’ll have a dammed hard time getting it back – for it won’t be gone, but lost. Finding it’s another matter.

Finding it requires distancing yourself from the adult world and doing those things that too as a child allowed you to tap into the wellspring of goodness within you. Maybe it’s walking, maybe it’s a particular book (Treasure Island). Maybe it’s a cartoon or a movie with mom. Anchors to places you once loved are invaluable – for you still love them – so hold fast through the dark night.

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