Month: March 2015


Note: I lost the first half of this entry, within a seventy-cent notebook, and am publishing the remainder as follows. Edit: – I found the notebook – and thus the beginning of this entry, which had been lost. Without further ado: Carl Jung said something about man needing religion. Having returned from the dark, cold…

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March 23, 2015 I find few things more enchanting or favorable than seeing a beautiful family or a long in love couple. I can feel the harmony radiating from their peaceful, contented hearts. Just but a minute ago, a song came on my phone that felt like a sad, slow wave coming over me. I…

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I was as far west as you can be after following the sun on the shortest course to the sea. I sauntered to the pier, the same ancient wooden pier I once ventured onto with my father during a huge storm, when the pier itself seemed to be sauntering and I hoped it wasn’t on the shortest course to the sea, but alas, the pier survived, we survived.

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Man I feel like hell; well, not hell: hell is a bad hangover on a worse day (What more separation from conscious awareness is there than that?). No, I don’t feel like hell; I feel like shit. Shit is dreaming of a departed lover. Shit is dreaming of looking into her eyes and telling her…

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15 March 2015: Intact

An early morning – after a nice mellow, late night. A tired day, weighted down by the things that weigh days heavy on the shoulders of sons. Heavy things, akin to the things that come with a given life, for every life has its tragedies; every family its misfortunes. Nevermind my ambiguity. Putting this on…

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Mar 11, 2015: Soul

I walked down to the shore tonight so I could look up upon the stars and marvel in wonderment at the feeling of connecting to something eternal. I walked down here so I could look up at the sky tonight and ask the universe if I’m living it right. To my mild disappointment I can…

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4 Mar, 2015: Introversion

I’m coming to understand how introverted I am – and it’s not introverted as in an aversion to people, but rather an aversion to not being in my element. There have been long periods of time when my element has been in bed with the one I love or otherwise at her side, so my…

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