A Pum Pum

Barum pa-pum

Soft and nervous,
The heart scurries beneath the confines of your chest
Fearfully fleeing like a field mouse,
The pulse is at a Gazelle’s pace
And the mind gives it’s chase,
Pushing thoughts and words automatic

Rolling the wagon on down the hillside,
Fear pushing on down
Down towards to the unknown
Far, far from home

Faint and frightening
Beating off-beat with the eerie jeer of enemy canon fire off the family coast,
A-pum pum-pum

You try and sigh but the enemy is at the gate
So you breathe breathe breathe
But you’re seething fear –
Lungs tight as calf-skin drum

We all feel –

We all feel it
And that’s okay
It’s okay,
We all feel a pum pum
It’s just a pum pum
It’s okay,
It’s only a pum pum

It’s only a pum pum
…sleep now
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay…
Sleep now

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