One Day You Will

The first time I heard 808’s and heartbreak…
Was way back in two-thousand-and-eight –

And I thought about making a mixtape

Six years later, how the fuck I ain’t gain no weight?

I’m not talkin’ ’bout that cake – wait
I don’t mean to confuse,
I’m just in a smart ass mood
But I don’t mean to be rude
.I don’t mean to be rude

You can have your cake and eat it to
Drink some Malibu in Malibu
Drinkin’ Malibu in Malibu
Yeah – Bugatti


They say money doesn’t buy happiness,
Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet-ski?

Half a decade’s a little late

But go ahead –
Say what you need to say –
‘Cause you’re not a rapper anyway –
‘Cause you’re not a rapper anyway –

So say what you need to say

Yeah you promised some change
But you’re not whippin’ a Range

Yes life is fucking strange

So who knows

I saw

That’s what you get when you

‘Cause I promised change too and now I’m

Took me six years to start writing this poetic mixtape
But I thought about it back then – I just didn’t see it comin back around

and now it’s all a self-fulfilling prophecy
I just
’cause I thought about it from day one but I ain’t know one day I’d return
Guess I had to go through another heartache
I just wanted to remix it I ain’t wanted to relive it

to actually start making my with a mixtape
So how am I making the same fuckin’ mistakes
Thought the song would be different but it’s soundin’ like a missed take

It’s a different girl but I ain’t in a different world

From 20k months at 24 – to 28 nights back on the floor

it’s the backdrop for my first poetic mixtape

Way before I ‘caught my third heartache
I made 20k a month at twenty four
Now I’m back to the floor
mistakes I made before the age of 28

long before this heartbreak –
I knew I’d put words on these songs
When I first met you I didn’t know I’d end up alone

Now winter’s coming it’s no Game of Thrones
‘Cause the rents overdue and she’s cuttin’ off my phone
How you gonna let your boy go through this alone

Can’t see her through these eyes

Winter’s coming – no game of thrones

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