The Rise of Black Wolf: Learning From My Spirit Animal and Finding Your Own

I love coming across things that impart purpose and meaning to my life. Without running the risk of sounding overly egocentric, I think in this case, we can all take a lesson or two (or many more) from nature.

Here’s the opening sequence from The Discovery Channel’s The Rise of Black Wolf:

He is Black Wolf, a two year old loner who recently broke from his pack. No wolf wants to be alone, it’s too hard to make a living without allies, but Black Wolf is willing to take the risk for a higher-status, a better territory, and a chance to breed. The urge to breed with his own kind drives him onward – until he stands before a new valley ruled by a mighty pack.

Their presence draws him closer, but this is dangerous ground. Here, conflict is a way of life. High rank and breeding rights are often achieved through force – many die young. But he is no ordinary wolf. Instead of strength and aggression, he’s armed with cunning, and he brings his own recipe for success. His entire young life has led to this moment.

In the past I was more driven by my Hawk totem / spirit energy, and in my experience every spirit animal has it’s drawbacks as well as it’s powers, but now the rise of my own Black Wolf in my spirit is taking charge. It’s a beautiful thing to connect with and embrace your own metaphoric animal energy and spirit animal identity. I’m far from an expert on totem animals, or spirit animals, but I believe there is power there; there’s something in identifying with the nature of an animal and understanding it that can help you uncover your own strengths, abilities, and weaknesses so you can capitalize on your potential. Remember, animals do not have the worldly baggage and societal limitations that humans do, as such, they provide a window into the soul unlike any other.

The Rise of Black Wolf Documentary

I hope you watch the full thing, it’s fascinating. The ending made me cry, spoiler alert – do not watch the following clip if you do not want to spoil it.

The Rise of Black Wolf Ending: Spoiler Alert

Totally made me cry (watching the full thing will explain why).

Note: You can also buy the DVD, The Rise of Black Wolf on Amazon.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

I like this page about finding your spirit / totem animal, and remember – google is your friend, but beware of bullshit ‘how to find your spirit animal’ quizzes; although, the one here was accurate for me (after the fact that I knew from my own intuition, which leads me to think it is potentially reliable). But I definitely recommend trusting your intuition largely here [in discovering and understanding the meaning and purpose of your spirit animal energy].

Here’s another great page on finding your spirit animal as well as the difference between a spirit animal and an animal totem.

Update: Missing Content on Black Wolf’s Secret Never Before Revealed Life as a Casanova

This is unreal. So, I wanted to watch it over again as I made dinner and I pulled it up on youtube, but then something interesting happened. I noticed a section on Black Wolf’s ‘personal life’ that I definitely did not notice the first time I watched it. I checked against the version I embedded here and sure enough the embedded version was missing a small but highly important section. My immediate instinct was that it was censored or edited because it was aired in a conservative country. So I popped a phrase of the subtitle into Google, and it turns out it was aired in Indonesia – a country notorious for television and internet censorship (The Indonesian government does not even allow kissing to be shown on TV). Perhaps the censors felt Black Wolf might be a bad influence…you tell me. The omitted content can be seen in the following sections of the alternate upload, which was broken into sections.

MISSING CONTENT: 9:16 – 10:00

Missing Content: 0:00 – 0:38

Ironically, the ‘censored’ content is perhaps one of the entertaining tales Black Wolf has to offer [transcription follows]:

So when a dark, handsome, and very available stranger shows up, what’s a young wolf to do? For the rest of 2003, Black Wolf blossoms into his new role as Casanova, wooing females from his base of operations on the park road. The charcoal female especially finds him irresistible, pretty soon she’s spending more time with him and less with her father’s pack. Typically, a couple like this forms a pair bond and starts it’s own pack, but it turns out Black Wolf is not a one woman guy; he seems content to stay right where he is, cavorting with multiple druid females and mating with them on the sly – but bonding with none. He passes another year without commitment – free of any responsibility. Eventually such behavior has consequences; in 2003, Black Wolf becomes a father.

Like I said, many, many lessons to learn from nature : D


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