Poetry: This is Farewell

What can I say
That desire that you crushed
It was all that I had – that was the last of my trust
Once again you didn’t see that there was love behind my lust

And now you’re gone –
And I won’t see you again –
But I warned you –
We could never be friends

All I wanted was a moment to look in your eyes,
And I’d say this is it as we both started to cry
But as fate would have it,
There would be no goodbye

So this is farewell
This is farewell
This is farewell,
I keep telling myself, this is farewell

2 thoughts on “Poetry: This is Farewell

    1. Thank you. I really wrote it as a song as much, if not slightly more so than I did as a poem, and in another life I’d like to think I was a successful songwriter. I appreciate the kind words!


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