Month: August 2014

A note on Ambition vs. Goals

Don’t mistake ambition for goals – especially in yourself. Drive is not the same as destination. You don’t need a map, because life is the map – living is it’s own map, but you need to be headed somewhere you can see, you can feel. You need only reach within yourself to find the confidence…

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Poetry: Dawn’s Promise

80 odd years I may have 50 left to go Not that tomorrow is a promise But if it is – and each dawn so, That’s 10 to 15 years more to reap what I sow I can’t fathom had it happened all those years ago I’d have a child going through puberty now, and…

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Poetry: Irreconcilable

I can’t write in 20,000 words what I can in a poem I can’t be as honest in prose as I can in poetry Because in a poem I can tell you I don’t believe in a G-d without saying it In a poem I can tell you I destroy the beautiful things I touch…

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